高光博士于2019年8月加入厦门大学近海海洋环境科学国家重点实验室,现任海洋与地球学院副教授。高光博士于2012年在英国纽卡斯尔大学攻读博士期间,开始全球气候变化与大型海藻相互作用的研究工作。近几年来,在Global Change Biology BioenergyHarmful AlgaeFood ChemistryBioresource TechnologyScience of Total Environment等期刊发表30余篇研究论文。


高光博士的研究受到国内外同行的广泛关注,截至目前,论文总引用次数约600次。其中发表在Marine Pollution Bulletin(2017)的论文,首次揭示了海洋酸化、暖化及富营养化对绿潮藻生活史不同发展阶段的耦合效应,迄今被引用52次。2018年6月,高光博士受邀作为主题发言人,在瑞典召开的Tjärnö大型海藻国际会议上做大会主旨报告。


Dr. Guang Gao, Focusing on the Interaction of Global Ocean Changes and Macroalgae

Go swimming in seas almost anywhere in the world and you will see them, swaying gracefully in the current. These are the macroalgae - the larger, more readily visible members of their usually invisible algal cousins. These aquatic plants serve as a habitat for many creatures and are a food source for not just fish and other marine species but people as well. They also help filter and clean water and sequester huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. Healthy macroalgae indicates a healthy, functioning coastal ecosystem.

Yet as the ocean continues to warm and become more acidic and warmer and more plastics are being dumped into our seas, what does this do to macroalgae? Does it impede their ability to grow and reproduce? Does it lessen their ability to fix carbon? These are all questions that the newest member of the MEL faculty seeks to answer.

Dr. Guang Gao is a marine ecologist and an associate professor in the College of Ocean and Earth Sciences at Xiamen University, in addition to being a member of the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science (MEL). He first became interested in how changes in the ocean impact macroalgae while working on his doctoral programme at Newcastle University, UK in 2012. Since then, he has published over 30 papers in many peer-reviewed journals which have been sited over 600 times. His investigateion of how the combined stressors ocean acidification, increasing sea temperatures, and eutrophication affects the development of algae associated with green tides was published in Marine Pollution Bulletin (2017) and was the first study on this scientific question. This has attracted attention both at home and abroad for his work. In June 2018, Dr. Gao was invited to give a keynote presentation during International Seaweed Conference held at the Tjärnö Marine Laboratory, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

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