XMAS-III held in Xiamen on Jan 9-11, 2017
The conference attracted more than 620 scientists and graduates from 150 institutions covering 21 countries and regions, including the USA, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
MEL was categorized as one of the class Ħ°AĦħ state Key laboratories
MEL was categorized as "A" during a recent the nation-wide review organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology among 46 state key laboratories in earth science.
Physiological responses of coastal and oceanic diatoms to diurnal fluctuations in seawater carbonate chemistry under two CO22 concentrations
The research progress was published in Biogeosciences recently.
Solute transport into the Jiulong River estuary via pore water exchange and submarine groundwater discharge: New insights from 224Ra/228Th disequilibrium
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