Jan. 6th-9th, 2019; Xiamen, China
The Fourth Xiamen Symposium on Marine Environmental Sciences (XMAS-IV) is open for abstract submissions untill Sep 14th, 2018
The Dongshan Marine Station launched
With financial assistance from the Swire Group Charitable Trust and local support from Dongshan County Government, the phase I of D-SMART Project was completed in May 2017.
Structural flexibility and protein adaptation to temperature: Molecular dynamics analysis of malate dehydrogenases of marine molluscs
The research by Profs. Yunweidong and George N. Someoro was published in PNAS on Jan. 23, 2018.
Diapycnal fluxes of nutrients in an oligotrophic oceanic regime: The South China Sea
The research by Dr. Minhan Dai, Zhiyu Liu et al was published in Geophysical Research Letters on October 18, 2017.
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