第五届厦门海洋环境开放科学大会通知及分会征集 [2020-2-26]
MEL 2019 Annual Report [2020-1-13]
8th International Ra-Rn Workshop, Xiamen, June 9-12, 2020 [2019-11-20]
Application Guidelines for MEL 2019 PhD Fellowship Program [2019-9-16]
IGCP Project 639 – Sea-Level Change from Minutes to Millennia, Fourth Annual Meeting [2019-5-16]
6th International Conference on Nitrification and Related Processes [2019-5-1]
MEL Visiting Fellowship Program Application Deadline Extended [2019-3-18]
 The Second Xiamen Spring School on Ocean Dynamics (XMOD II) [2019-3-4]
MEL 2018 Annual Report [2019-1-18]
The IOC-Global Ocean Oxygen Network Summer School, Xiamen, Sept 2-8, 2019 [2018-10-8]
Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Workshop on Challenges in Sustainable Coastal Observation and Experiments in a Rapidly Changing Environment [2018-9-26]
Training workshop on Marine Radioactivity, Puerto Rico, Feb 20-22, 2019 [2018-8-21]
Dongshan Swire Marine Station 3rd International Advisory Committee Meeting [2018-6-18]
Jan. 6th-9th, 2019; Xiamen, China [2018-6-15]
2018 Summer School on Marine Environment and Fishery Resources under Global Change [2018-4-23]
XMAS-IV Call for Session Proposals [2018-4-17]
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