With strong support from both the academic and technical staff, the Center of Major Equipment and Technology (COMET) was established in June 2008 to increase efficiency, lower running costs, and better maintain MEL’s large equipment. COMET has successfully established a framework with necessary infrastructure and operational protocols. The web-based equipment inventory, together with the maintenance and booking system, have fully demonstrated the openness, transparency, efficiency and professionalism that an advanced laboratory should have. Special attention has been paid to laboratory safety and technical staff training so as to provide a safe and effective infrastructure and state-of-the-art technological support to boost research excellence.

To get more information and book instruments online, please visit the COMET website (in Chinese).

15 Functional labs



Carbon Analysis Lab

Marine Microbial Ecology Lab

Nutrient Analysis Lab

Spectroscopy Lab

Chromatography Lab

Marine Photobiology Lab

Ecotoxicology Lab

Molecular Biology Lab

Marine Phytoplankton Lab

Marine Biological Imaging Lab

Radiochemistry Lab

Nitrogen Biogeochemistry Lab

Marine Genomics Lab

Environmental Genomics and Bioinformatics Lab





5 Communal platforms



Center for Collections of Marine Bacteria and Phytoplankton

Ocean Data Center

Marine Operation Center

Marine Instrumentation Center

Center of Mass Spectrometry