Air-sea interface Multi-Parameter Monitoring Buoy

A ring-type buoy system, 2.3 m in diameter, for real-time air-sea interface multi-parameter monitoring was developed by the Marine Instrumentation Center with the collaboration of Xiamen GeOcean Tech Co. Ltd in 2014. Its first deployment was in the Pearl River estuary (N21°57.512 E113°58.306) in July, 2014. The buoy system, which can be deployed in coastal regions and the open ocean (as deep as 6000 m), can provide real-time continuous data about the ocean and atmosphere. The observation parameters include marine meteorological factors, such as wind speed and direction, air temperature, humidity and air pressure. Meanwhile, several sea surface sensors for parameters, such as wave, current, seawater temperature, salinity, pH, nutrients, and pCO2, can also be deployed on the buoy system, so that a one-stop platform for air-sea interface observation can be realized.