Administration Committee



Research Interests

Minhan Dai

PhD, Professor, Academician of CAS

Coastal ocean carbon cycle, biogeochemistry of trace metals

Nianzhi Jiao

PhD, Professor, Academician of CAS

Microbial ecology, picoplankton, biological oceanography

Haili Wang

PhD, Distinguished Ocean Technologist

Ocean observing technology, optical oceanography, ocean color biology

Shu-Ji Kao

PhD, XMU Chair Professor

Nitrogen cycle; application of C, N isotopes in understanding the hydrology, ecosystem and nutrient dynamics;

Kunshan Gao

PhD, Minjiang Chair Professor

Marine Environmental Change Physiology: study the impacts of environmental changes (such as ocean acidification, solar UV radiation) on primary and secondary producers, using physiological, biochemical and photochemical approaches; and unravel the effects and involved mechanisms by combining data from lab, mesocosm and research cruise studies

Kejian Wang


PhD, Professor,Minjiang Chair Professor

Environmental molecular toxicology, marine molecular biology, marine functional genomics and proteomics, biotechnology

Bangqin Huang

PhD, Minjiang Chair Professor

Marine ecology, biological oceanography, marine molecular ecology

Dazhi Wang

PhD, XMU Chair Professor

Metaproteomics of marine organic matters; Functional proteomics of marine dinoflagellates; Marine molecular biogeochemistry and ecology

Pinghe Cai

PhD, Professor

 Isotopic marine chemistry, ocean carbon cycling

Dalin Shi

PhD, XMU Chair Professor

Marine biogeochemistry, Marine environmental biology

Zhiyu Liu

PhD, Professor

Ocean turbulence and mixing, internal waves, stability of stratified shear flows, physical oceanography of coastal & shelf seas, upper ocean dynamics

Rui Zhang

PhD, Professor

Marine microbial ecology (bacteria and viruses)