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Symposium Sessions:
1. Land-Ocean interactions: rivers, estuaries and coastal oceans. Conveners: Yunwei Dong, Guizhi Wang
2. Biogeochemistry, dynamics and their coupling in China seas and other ocean margins. Conveners: Zhimian Cao, Zhiyu Liu
3. Connecting the large-scale open ocean processes with global climate change. Conveners: Yawei Luo, Xiaoyi Yang
4. Fundamental understanding of biogeochemical mechanisms underpinning the oceans ecological processes. Conveners: Tuo Shi, Yao Zhang
5. Exploring the ocean: Frontier & interdiscipline. Conveners: Guokun Liu, Jian Ma
6. Marine pollution and ecotoxicology (with SKLMP of HK). Conveners: Haizheng Hong, Xiaolin Li

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