Lecture materials


l  Claudia Benitez-Nelson: Lecture 1 - Basics of Radioactivity Download

l  Ken O. Buesseler: Lecture 2 - Marine Radioactivity Download

l  Pere Masqué: Lecture 3 - Tracers of the Sea Download

l  Sabine Charmasson: Lecture 4 - Impact of radionuclides on marine ecosystem Download

l  Willard Moore: Measurements Using RaDeCC (Radium Delayed Coincidence Counter). Download

l  Michio Aoyama: Methods in Marine Radioactivity Instrumentation Download

l  Willard Moore: Applications of radium isotopes to studies of submarine groundwater discharge Download

l  John Smith: Applications of natural and artificial radionuclides as tracers of marine processes Download

l  Paul Morris: Overview of a marine radioactivity database and data management  Download


Lab practicals:

l  Gamma Download

l  Gamma practical Download

l  Beta counting Download

l  Nomogram of Absorption of Beta particles Download

l  Procedures Manuel: Radionuiclide Data (HASL-300 Chapter 5, 1990) Download

l  234Th data proceeding Download