Symposium Venue

XMAS-III will be held at the Science and Art Center on the Siming Campus of Xiamen University (XMU).

The Siming Campus is located in Siming District , which is the southern half of the island.

Covering an area of 167 hectares, the Siming Campus is one of four campuses of XMU. It is home to the Colleges of Humanities and Arts, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Engineering and Technology, etc.

Nestled snugly between green hills and the blue sea, XMU is renowned as one of China’s "most beautiful universities" for its excellent education, facilities and beautiful environment.


An aerial view of Xiamen University's Siming Campus

Venue address: XMU Science and Art Center, No.422 South Siming Road, Xiamen, Fujian, China 361005, Tel:+86-592-218-5115


Dinning around Xiamen University's Siming Campus is very convenient. Restaurants, cafés and bars can be easily found at the Da Xue Road, Ding Ao Zai Road, Sha Po Wei and shopping malls along these roads, such as Xiamen Shimao Mall and the Forward Mall.

Forward Mall ҵ㳡opposite to the West Gate

(1)      Teng Long Pavilionfourth floor0592-2069216

(2)      Two Tomatoѣfourth floor0592-5591314

(3)      KFCϵ»first floor

(4)      MacDonaldͣfirst floor

Ding Ao Zai Road·8 mins walk distance from the West Gate

(1)      Zhu Houseݣ39 Ding Ao Zai road

(2)      Champion Pizzaǧ18-14 Ding Ao Zai road0592-2088776

(3)      Cai Jia Po̼£21 Ding Ao Zai road0592-2086765

Xiamen Shimao Shopping Mallïã10 mins walk distance from the West Gate

(1)      You Go COCO ZONE԰ҬӼthird floor0592-2085562

(2)      70 Restaurantfourth floor0592-5751170

(3)      North Xinjiang restaurant콢꣨fourth floor0592-7165711

(4)      Yoko Machi Ramen Shopfourth floor0592-8268331

(5)      Taoxiang Hot potfourth floor0592-5807370 

Da Xue Roadѧ·8 mins walk distance from the West Gate

(1)      4 people106 Da Xue Road0592-2191963

(2)      Bravo Burger+򺺱꣨129 Da Xue Road15160032305

(3)      DaoJu Houseʳݣ122 Da Xue Road0592-5698881

(4)      Thank You Cafe162 Da Xue Road0592-2082609

(5)      Now Cafeֿȣ160 Da Xue Road0592-2090978

Sha Po Wei ɳβ20 mins walk distance from the West Gate

(1)      Minggu Indonesian cuisineӡ155 Min Zu Road0592-2068133

(2)      Pacific Coffee50 Min Zu Road0592-2120815

(3)      Route 65 Tacos191 Min Zu Road18750939820