Special Session 9: Microbial ecological processes and marine carbon cycle
The role of microbial processes in ocean acidification, hypoxia and carbon sequestration
Nianzhi Jiao*
Tuesday 10th @ 0920-0945
Room 1
The microbial degradation of dissolved organic matter release from Synechococcus by viral-lysis in coastal seawater
Zhao Zhao, Michael Gonsior, Yuanchao Zhan, Rui Zhang, Nianzhi Jiao, Feng Chen*
Tuesday 10th @ 0945-1010
Room 1
Metabolization of biogenic climate-active gases mediated by marine microorganisms
Hongyue Dang*
Tuesday 10th @ 1030-1050
Room 1
Picocyanobacteria and deep-ocean fluorescent dissolved organic matter share similar optical properties
Michael Gonsior* , Zhao Zhao, Norbert Hertkorn, Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin, Xiaoting Fang, Qinglu Zeng, Nianzhi Jiao, Feng Chen
Tuesday 10th @ 1050-1110
Room 1
A new evolutionary mechanism giving rise to highly reduced genomes of dominant marine bacterioplankton lineages
Haiwei Luo*
Tuesday 10th @ 1110-1130
Room 1
The shift of POC and DOC in Synechococcus culture and their associated heterotrophic bacterial community structure variation
Qiang Zheng* , Yu Wang, Rui Xie, Yanting Liu, Yuyu Liao, Jiayao Lu, Nianzhi Jiao
Tuesday 10th @ 1110-1130
Room 1
Molecular insights to the interactions between dissolved organic matter and heterotrophic bacteria
Kai Tang*
Tuesday 10th @ 1130-1150
Room 1
Integrative modeling of microbial diversity-productivity relationships based on Tara Oceans
Nannan Wang* , Ya-wei Luo, Rui Zhang, Nianzhi Jiao
Tuesday 10th @ 1150-1210
Room 1
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