Postdoctoral Fellowships

Application Guidelines for MEL Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
1.Program overview
Since its establishment in 2005, the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science at Xiamen University (MEL) has been dedicated to pursuing cutting-edge research on global change, focusing on marine biogeochemistry and its interactions with the marine ecosystem, emphasizing fundamental and interdisciplinary research, and utilizing technological innovation.
Rated as one of the excellent state key laboratories in China, MEL aims to foster innovative researches and interdisciplinary collaborations. With that in mind, MEL initiated the Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.
The Fellowship funds innovative, ground-breaking projects that have the potential to advance knowledge in marine environmental sciences and other interdisciplinary research that fits into MEL’s four major research scopes (see scopes and associated leading PIs at
2. Eligibility criteria
(1) Applicants for the Postdoctoral Fellowship must have already obtained or be currently working towards a research doctorate (Ph.D.) or a doctoral-level degree comparable to a Ph.D. with equivalent experience in basic research (in this case, related documents should be provided to prove eligibility).
(2) Candidates who already have a Ph.D. must have obtained their doctoral degree in the 3 years prior to the submission deadline (The review process will be held twice a year with submission deadlines on May 31st and October 31st.).
(3) Unsuccessful candidates can apply more than once, provided they still meet all eligibility criteria.
3. How to apply
(1) Applicants are advised to contact a host supervisor in advance to explore the possibility of collaboration as well as discuss their research interests. We encourage confirmation of this intent to collaborate prior to the application submission.
(2) Go to webpage: to apply online. Apply HERE
Uploaded applications must include the following:
a) An updated Curriculum Vitae;
b) Your personal statement and research proposal;
c) Your doctorate certificate (or documents which prove that you will be able to obtain a doctorate, or documents which prove your ability is equivalent to a doctoral-level degree);
d) Contact information of at least three academic references;
e) 1-2 pieces of manuscripts which have been published;
(3) The submission deadlines are May 31st and October 31st annually.
4. Review process 
There are two steps in the review process: MEL committee panel review and expert interview, and authorization by Xiamen University.
(1)Panel review and expert interview: MEL will set up a scientific committee to evaluate applications and proposals. Screened applicants will be invited for an interview with the ad hoc committee consisted of at least 9 experts. Committee members will vote for their decisions.Successful candidates will be notified within one week after interview. All applicants will be informed with outcome of the competitions. 
The application and selection process are strictly confidential, and neither the discussions of applications during review nor the information regarding unsuccessful applications are publicly released.
(2) Authorization of Xiamen University: The endorsed candidate list will be sent to the Personnel Division of Xiamen University for final authorization. Authorized fellowship awardees will be invited to follow the procedure and register at either the Marine Science Postdoctoral Research Center, the Environmental Science and Engineering Postdoctoral Research Center or the Ecology Postdoctoral Research Center at Xiamen University, within one year from the date of final approval.
5. Award Conditions and Financial Support
(1) MEL will offer overall 10 Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellowship places each year.Awarded fellows will be funded for 24-36 months.
(2) Salary more than 200,000 RMB(before tax) per year, and a travel cost of up to USD 2,000 within the valid fellowship period;
(3) Postdoctoral apartments or room renting allowance provided;
(4) The children of postdoctors will enjoy the same privilege as those of Xiamen University faculty members in kindergarten and school registration;
(5) Postdoctors will be bestowed the titles of Assistant Research Fellow, Associate Research Fellow or Senior Research Fellow during their stay in Xiamen University research centers;
(6) Excellent postdoctors may be selected to become faculty members of Xiamen University.
6. Research tasks and outcomes 
(1) It is all postdoctoral fellows’obligation to give a research seminar to introduce their research proposals and plans within the first month after registration. Two months before the end of the valid fellowship period, fellowship holders are also required to share their research outcomes and achievements via another research seminar and a written report. 
(2) Research results and outcomes funded by the MEL Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellowship must be published in internationally recognized and peer-reviewed scientific journals. An acknowledgment of support by MEL must be included in any publication resulting from work carried out under the Fellowship, including abstracts presented to any conference/congress/workshop (e.g.,“The work was supported by an Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholarship from the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science at Xiamen University.”). Furthermore, a PDF file of each publication must be sent to the Administrative Office for record, which would be archived for the fellowship program.
7. Contact
Ms. Suwei Weng
Administrative Office
State KeyLaboratory of Marine EnvironmentalScience
Zhou Long Quan Building, Xiang'an Campus, Xiamen University
Xiamen 361102, China
Tel: +86-592-2183033 Fax: 86-592-2184101
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